About Us

The Delhi Lounge is a family run authentic Indian Restaurant. We are proud of the high standards in our restaurant and like to think it is good "Home Cooking" with emphasis on high quality fresh produce where food is tasty but not too spicy (unless you request it). Artificial colourings or additives are NOT used. Our Chefs are obliging and will do their utmost to prepare your favourite dish or cater for your special dietary requirements. Great for vegetarians and Coeliacs!

Since we are based in dublin and source fresh food locally, there is no need for us to store supplies. There are several weekly deliveries from our suppliers. Irish Beef & Lamb are supplied by Homan Butchers. Chickens are supplied by Coppoquin Chickens. Fresh Fish is supplied by B.F.S. Fishmonger. Fresh vegetables come from the market - Jackie Leonard.